Allow Love to be your Guide.


I believe that we are all masters in the making, we are each an artist of the Spirit and can become a mystic of the 21st century. It is my hope and prayer that by me expressing the depth of love within me – in whatever forms offered here – that you shall be engaged, encouraged and become more inspired and open to the God-given gifts and talents within yourself.

May you experience peace, healing and serenity.

Have a beautiful day!



"Lisa Blackman's insights have added an invaluable clarity to my clinical work, teaching and my personal life. The MetaPhysican Within is an illuminating guide for the mind, body and spirit." - Cyndy Boyd PhD

"Lisa Blackman's book shows us, step by step, how to access the power to truly heal." - Margaret Will's PhD


"Lisa's long experience as an intuitive and spiritual healer has led her to the creation of this fascinating and instructive book. It will serve as an excellent guide to self-healing and an invaluable adjunct to more conventional approaches to the understanding and treatment of disease, including mainstream medical practice." - Warren Steinberg, MD

Jan 29, 2019

January 29th, 2019 

When you silence yourself enough and when you utilize your wonderful breath consciously you will be able to see and feel things more clearly than while rushing around.  This silence and our breath is our greatest gift to ourselves.  Use it.  Eventually, you will be running towards it allowing yourselves the time you need to succeed on every  level and in every area of your life.  

Namaste and have a great day! 

Lisa A. Blackman 🙏

Supermarket Essentials 2019 

May 7, 2018


In order to heal yourself... truly heal yourself of mind, body, and most importantly spirit you must be honest, and when you are honest with yourself a whole new wonderful world will open up for you and those that you love. 

Namaste and lots of love, Lisa 
Flowers can be our greatest healers and teachers if you honor them. 

May 5, 2018


Dear Readers, 

Please allow Love to be your Guide.  Constantly, we must remind ourselves and others of this. At least until it becomes who we are automatically.  Love is automatic so we must eventually remember this truth. This is part of the Law of Love.  Once we remember this everything in our lives flows so much easier.  

Lots of Love, Lisa 

2018 painting detail.  MOTHER EARTH AWAITS:)
Please email me if interested in viewing my artwork.

Dec 13, 2017


Sometimes silence is the most holy thing we can do for the greatest good of all. - Lisa A. Blackman 

Nov 1, 2017



If you want peace you must must meditate and you must look at yourself in an honest way. There is no other way to heal completely. Work to make your life a prayer and so shall it become.  - Lisa 

Oct 20, 2017

A Note from The MetaPhysician Within On Abuse

October 20th, 2017, A Note from The MetaPhysician Within. 
Dear Readers, 
There is so much abuse in so many forms on this planet and we are each responsible for that and for the enormous healing that must take place right now...this very moment and every moment we must each become much more aware of our actions and the calling out each and every time that we feel abused or see someone else being abused. Enough already.  We are one in Spirit, so we all need to do more and not just pointing fingers, but looking in the mirror of Love over and over again and changing this world in a much higher and more effective manner. 
It sickens so many of us when a child is abused, especially...the damage that is created and the wounds linger on and on. Sometimes, I have the honor to work with people in their 80's and I will tell you that they come to me for health, emotional, open, learn, evolve etc., all sorts of reasons, and during their session how often something comes in such as a date rape or an abortion pain or relationship abuse from such a young tender age and it is so vivid and still so painful within their hearts and souls, and I work like a psychic surgeon to intuit that and take it out for them and the relief that they feel is tremendous and nothing short of miraculous. And, this is spiritual healing and with that is the eradication of abuse in every and all forms that manifests itself in all sorts of symptoms and conditions. It is never too late and we are never too old to heal our spirit and when that comes so too does the healing of the mind and body. But, most importantly do we need spiritual healing. 
Lisa Blackman. 
The MetaPhysician Within, A Reference for Healing.

Oct 17, 2017

Love Post

Stay safe, protect yourself, be true to yourself, and offer help when you see suffering.

Namaste and Love,


Oct 11, 2017

Wisdom Post: Oct 11th 2017

It will only be Love that brings understanding and healing to the darkness of the world. - Lisa

Oct 9, 2017


Intuitive Reading for Today: 
October 8th, 2017
You are coming to terms with more of who you are each day, so please be aware of this and remain open to your Higher selves.

Oct 4, 2017

We must be aware and remember that there is a lot more good in the world than there is bad, and all this tragedy ultimately brings more good. - Lisa

Sep 28, 2017

Trust. Everything is about Love. Remember that and all will be well. - Lisa

Jul 13, 2017

Stay true to your own knowing and do not be intimidated by those who are less evolved. - Lisa Blackman

May 3, 2017

Power Post

Feel your feelings no matter who it bothers. They are yours to feel not someone else's to suppress. - Lisa

Apr 1, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Do not fear, all is well. You shall see. To those who are concerned and worried keep on doing what you are are seeing the truth everywhere and that is what we need to heal. It is certainly not a pretty thing to witness and feel so deeply what has been going on politically and globally and within our inner worlds and self. This is a challenging time indeed, but with this challenge comes so much opportunity for our collective growth and to come out and shout out or write out or do it with art whatever it is that you feel so strongly about in your heart that comes from the soul not the ego. And the soul is gentle and is tender and it is wise... it is also very graceful. But, in the meantime there are periods where we are a total mess and in need of healing...where we yell and scream and feel things in our bodies and mind that are not truly are own, but we do as empaths have our own stuff to work on and need the support of others. I live my life and work mostly in silence and that is how I intuit what I do. It has been sacrificing in ways people may not understand, but I consider my life an enormous prayer in service to the world and I will never stop...I will only increase my territory as God sees fit. Namaste and lots of love my friends, Lisa

Jan 6, 2017

Your heart has the answers that you are seeking.  Go within.

Lots of love,

Red Rose

Jan 4, 2017

Dear Friends, 

It can be very difficult sometimes to remain in the Light, but we must continue to try and to evolve as more deep, conscious and loving souls, so that our world can heal as well as ourselves because all healing is shared with the masses and everyone has a purpose in this great task.  

Namaste and lots of love, 


Jan 2, 2017

May God be with you today, may your heart be and remain open, may you love deeply and completely, may you offer yourselves to the Universe to serve in the highest way imaginable. My love and blessings always, Lisa

Jan 1, 2017

Whatever you are dong this evening please have a good one. This year has been the toughest of all for so many of us. In my personal life we have experienced such tragic loss and have cried so many tears as we miss those that we love so dearly. But this year will be more calm and peaceful with much less stress and strain and I will be able to focus tremendously on my writing and my art and healing and teaching the consciousness of the Christ, which is my greatest of purpose. So much of this year has been about endings and clearings and change and the currents that force us to move forward being much more of who we are. I pray for forgiveness to sweep our Nation and our souls and to be filled with tolerance and love for all beings. There has been such anger and lashing out in so many forms and all people must realize that all lashes strike the self first. To be human is to be everything. With this New Year comes much understanding and more love. We are here to help each other and to create bonds of love and transformation for all. I wish you the very best of New Years...I wish you love and I wish you healing and understanding of all that you cannot bear. There will come a time when you will walk steady and clear no matter what is going on.
HAPPY NEW YEAR I love you all. 


Dec 29, 2016

Dec 19, 2016

Today is a day that shall require tremendous focus and listening to the soul in yourself and others. Happy Monday! - Lisa

Dec 3, 2016

This weekend is going to be amazing in many ways that have needed to be opened up. You will see. xox

Nov 26, 2016

Wish for the Day

May your day be so beautiful that you bring the light wherever you go. 



Nov 23, 2016


I have been thinking of so much and doing so much lately. But, I wanted to take a conscious moment to really tune in to all of you and wish you the very best Thanksgiving Day! Sending much love and healing light right now into all of the aching hearts especially. There are so very many who are so feeling anything but grateful so may we not judge anyone for where they are in this moment of time. May the light penetrate into all souls and may we each awaken a little bit more deeply. We all have room to grow and I am very grateful for the growth and evolution of the soul. I feel too that the confusion that has swept many of us away lately will rapidly turn into hope and understanding and lots of wisdom and spiritual growth. I am always here for all of you. 

Lots of love,


Nov 15, 2016

Remember Love in all you do. Have a beautiful day, everyone. Share your smiles and your heart...share your truth. We all need that. - Lisa

Nov 12, 2016

This is a great weekend for opening and understanding. May we each make the most of it! Lots of love, Lisa

Oct 10, 2016

A Prayer

May your week be filled with love and healing...may the world find peace in the chaos that permeates each and every being. We are one in all of it so I pray none of us forget this. And, when we begin to be judgmental or critical may the God within take over and bring us back to our most holy reality. Amen

Lots of love,


Sep 19, 2016

I hope this week that every one of us remembers more clearly who we really are and that we can release what holds us back because we are ready for more of our spiritual vision to be made clear.  

Have a beautiful day,


Aug 29, 2016

Insight of the Day

Have a very happy week! Be healthy and be aware of all that is near that is not yours. Blessings and love, Lisa

Aug 25, 2016

Don't allow anyone to take away your hope for healing.
When you long for the Divine you only need to ask and take a breath. 


A Quiet Moment 

Aug 12, 2016

Have a peaceful and healthy weekend. May all misunderstandings heal and transform into the light of the Divine. 

Aug 8, 2016

Self Portrait 

Some people just cannot handle all of who you are. That is okay. As long as you can handle yourself. - Lisa

Jul 8, 2016

Jul 2, 2016

If you desire to be well you must believe in yourself and your connection to the Divine. 

May 25, 2016

Have a beautiful and healthy day. May your spirit rise above any adversity that you may be facing. Namaste, Lisa

May 11, 2016

Spiritual Tip

And over and over one must forgive themselves and others. This is the way to peace and harmony. 

Mar 26, 2016

The ones you love that have crossed over to the other side will remain with you always. And when you are really missing them just close your eyes and take a breath and with all of your heart wait to feel their love come inside. There is no death. My love to all who grieve.

Namaste and Love,


Mar 24, 2016

Intuitive Post of the Day

When it becomes too much walk away and take some time if only a few conscious breaths and be with the one who created you and who remains there for you at all times.  

Namaste and Love,


Mar 14, 2016

A Spiritual Life Lesson

We are here to learn how to trust the Divine plan no matter how difficult or painful or devastating to the heart, mind and soul.  And, with God and our most holy connection we are free to be able to live peacefully and gracefully through anything that we encounter on our journey. Love will expand its territory no matter what and that is the point of life, and it is our job to allow Love to work through us. 

Namaste and love,


Jan 10, 2016

January 10th 2015

The elimination of cruelty must be focused on if we are to heal ourselves.
Image: Magnolia that caught my eye some time ago.

Jan 4, 2016

I wish you each a magical year and a glorious week! 

Namaste and lots of love, Lisa

Dec 17, 2015

To belittle is to create more pain and unsettlement in our collective environment.



Dec 4, 2015

Letting Go

We have to be willing to let go of people, places, things, hangups, patterns, all sorts of things that hold us back from being all of who we truly are. And, with that said, Spirit has the best sense of timing for us all and gives us all the clues we need and will never give up on us, but the bells will ring and ring and ring until we finally answer the greatest of doors. And, the thing is there is always a greater door until we get to the greatest of them all and we walk through and there will come face to face with the greatest Love of our lives and we will know that all is well and all always was as such. God bless and have a beautiful day in the light of love. 

Namaste and lots of love, Lisa

Nov 28, 2015

Love Post

Taking a moment for a breath and to wish the world peace. I hope you are well and I hope you are in a state of gratitude no matter what is going on within or without.

Happy Weekend! May Love be your guide.

Stone Rose
©2015 Lisa A. Blackman

Oct 9, 2015

Truth and Love Post

You are always going to know the right thing to do if you follow your heart.

Have a beautiful weekend! 

The event last weekend at Fairfield University Bookstore was really miraculous!
Image: Nancy Quinn 

Sep 20, 2015

Spiritual Forecast of The Day

You must remember on this day and all days that your life and its healing is up to no one but you and me as one. You have delicious and wonderful choices to make each and every day and there are no wrong moves, so to speak - there are only steps closer to the Beloved within and without. 



Aug 17, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

August 10th Intuitive Message for You

This is going to be a fantastic week! Blessings and lots of love to everyone! Be strong and wonderful in who you really are and do not allow others or yourself to take that from you. 

Jul 24, 2015

From My Cup To Your Own


We find the messages everywhere.  This one in my tea! xo

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Sacred Places

There is this place deep within my heart just for you.

You can access it anytime you close your eyes and breathe your spirit into mine.

It is a place where there is no time.

And you sing and dance with me, and you breathe yourself into ecstasy.

It is a place where there are no boundaries.

There is no fear.

Where all is well.

Where all is fair and square.

Where there is no score to even.

Where there is peace beyond reason.

It is a place where you and God and me meet as one.

This is in eternity.

There is no illness.

There is no death.

There is only success.

You can only have rewards.

It is a place where you can hear the angels sing.

Where you hear the children laugh and play.

No tears exist in this place and harmony fills the air.

Cars and trucks do not enter here...only walking.

Only dancing in the sky.

It is where Eternity meets Father Time and where Mother Earth can rest.

This is our reward.

This is where Love is born.

This is where we merge as one.

This is where we pulse in perfect harmony with Creation and we declare our most

glorious of forms.

All the doors in this Sacred Place will open as you step up to the plate.

This is a place that we all can enter.

This is a place where you can live happily ever after in the arms of our Master.

This is where we go to rest when we first pass.

This is where the Tunnel of Light brings us to the Breast of Heaven’s Nest.

This is where we don’t have to try.

This is where we just exist in bliss and discovery of the Divine.

This is the trip none of us will miss.

This is where the angels fly.

This is where we can write with the stars up in the sky and we look into the eyes of the Moon for the very first time.

This is where we kiss the Sun.

This is where we vibrate as One with the wild call of the Divine Bride and Mind.

This is where the Beloved exist and waits for us to come home into His heart.

This is where the Core Energetic magnifies itself to finding and releasing the Eternal Peace, and where the circumference of the Sky and the depths of the Ocean can be measured.

And Divided by Two, into seclusion we go, with God the most High.

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SPIRIT LIFE, Ecstatic Poetry and Healing Prayers, A Collection of Inspirational Writings


Only Love

Only love will heal our world.

Only love will make us expand.

Only love will open the heart and heal the soul.

Only love will get us through the darkness.

Only love creates the light.

Only love can generate the heat of the night.

Only love is real, the rest is just the past that needs to be healed.

It's just an illusion to keep you in seclusion.

It's the ego fighting with the soul.

Only love can make everything alright.

Only love can slay the dragons that lay within the mind.

Only love can replace pain with passion.

Only love will heal the wounding of our world.

Only love will come to you when your heart is open.

Only love will heal your heart when it's been broken.

Only love will open all the doors.

It evens all the scores.

Only love will see through it all, and make all your dreams come true.

Only love is real.

Only love can turn make believe into reality.

Only love can turn the water into wine.

Only love can make all of your work worthwhile.

Only love can make you feel really good inside.

Only love creates the drive within your soul.

Only love can turn the illusion of our separateness into the truth of our oneness...

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SPIRIT LIFE, Ecstatic Poetry and Healing Prayers, A Collection of Inspirational Writings