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I believe that we are all masters in the making, we are each an artist of the Spirit and can become a mystic of the 21st century. It is my hope and prayer that by me expressing the depth of love within me – in whatever forms offered here – that you shall be engaged, encouraged and become more inspired and open to the God-given gifts and talents within yourself.

May you experience peace, healing and serenity.

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Oct 20, 2017

A Note from The MetaPhysician Within On Abuse

October 20th, 2017, A Note from The MetaPhysician Within. 
Dear Readers, 
There is so much abuse in so many forms on this planet and we are each responsible for that and for the enormous healing that must take place right now...this very moment and every moment we must each become much more aware of our actions and the calling out each and every time that we feel abused or see someone else being abused. Enough already.  We are one in Spirit, so we all need to do more and not just pointing fingers, but looking in the mirror of Love over and over again and changing this world in a much higher and more effective manner. 
It sickens so many of us when a child is abused, especially...the damage that is created and the wounds linger on and on. Sometimes, I have the honor to work with people in their 80's and I will tell you that they come to me for health, emotional, open, learn, evolve etc., all sorts of reasons, and during their session how often something comes in such as a date rape or an abortion pain or relationship abuse from such a young tender age and it is so vivid and still so painful within their hearts and souls, and I work like a psychic surgeon to intuit that and take it out for them and the relief that they feel is tremendous and nothing short of miraculous. And, this is spiritual healing and with that is the eradication of abuse in every and all forms that manifests itself in all sorts of symptoms and conditions. It is never too late and we are never too old to heal our spirit and when that comes so too does the healing of the mind and body. But, most importantly do we need spiritual healing. 
Lisa Blackman. 
The MetaPhysician Within, A Reference for Healing.

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