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Allow Love to be your Guide.


I believe that we are all masters in the making, we are each an artist of the Spirit and can become a mystic of the 21st century. It is my hope and prayer that by me expressing the depth of love within me – in whatever forms offered here – that you shall be engaged, encouraged and become more inspired and open to the God-given gifts and talents within yourself.

May you experience peace, healing and serenity.

Have a beautiful day!


Jul 3, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Have a beautiful weekend. May you not feel any fear whatsoever. We are here to love, not to be afraid of our fellow human beings. May this world be poured on with Love. It sickens me so much when people are cruel to others and when they lie and steal your joy and happiness. But, we must remember that this too is part of our earth schooling and we will be victorious with Love as our guide. Please remain in your glorious power. It is all your own. Claim this power and then you can truly help and serve others in your own unique ways.  

Namaste, Lisa

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