Allow Love to be your Guide.


I believe that we are all masters in the making, we are each an artist of the Spirit and can become a mystic of the 21st century. It is my hope and prayer that by me expressing the depth of love within me – in whatever forms offered here – that you shall be engaged, encouraged and become more inspired and open to the God-given gifts and talents within yourself.

May you experience peace, healing and serenity.

Have a beautiful day!



"Lisa Blackman's insights have added an invaluable clarity to my clinical work, teaching and my personal life. The MetaPhysican Within is an illuminating guide for the mind, body and spirit." - Cyndy Boyd PhD

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"Lisa's long experience as an intuitive and spiritual healer has led her to the creation of this fascinating and instructive book. It will serve as an excellent guide to self-healing and an invaluable adjunct to more conventional approaches to the understanding and treatment of disease, including mainstream medical practice." - Warren Steinberg, MD

Jun 25, 2010

Do not waste your time. Have purpose in all that you do... all that you think and all that you say. - Lisa A. Blackman - The MetaPhysician Within. 6-25-2010


Anonymous said...

Lisa, often I find that we who understand deeply that our journey on this plain is bring intense love to others while learning to love are unwanted parts of ourselves- are misunderstood. Our true intention is to love- some times our guides are so in tuned to us, that they are advising us every step of the journey. In our humanness we stumble and forget we give way for our expression of love to be misunderstood, unappreciated, and even rjected. All the while love it self is asking nothing other than to allow for space for it to reveal itself- thru the other and thru ourselves. However when something delicate like soulmates reveal themselves, or if one soul mate recongnizes the other thru the energetic purities that only the heart and soul can communicate, it can be SO misunderstood, of both the person that recognizes and the one that doesn't. So much energy is wasted in that expression/ deflection of love. I speak this as my REAL experience I am currently living, although that soul revelation does not mean I am to interfere in another life path or theirs in mine. In the here and now, I am aware I have divine lesson to experience. However, it saddens me that I am misunderstood on a level that- take enormous courage to stand in that light of love for that soul mate all the while they perceive my presences in their life as out of alignment.

Anonymous said...

While love itself is requiring nothing. The soul is urging for engagement from the other... The soul knows, and it reveals things only lived thru a past life regression. However, in our humanness we work so hard to preserve our lives, and protect our boundaries that we interpet love for an attack on any form. When the two can't co- exist on the same plain. I am here because I am a student along with all who walk along side of me. However, there is a crippling feeling when the very intention you are holding for that soul mate is dissected, the soul keeps pushing.

Anonymous said...

Lisa thank you for this safe place that one can express one self. Please help me sending blessings to this person that is not seeing me, but perhaps just my personality. And please pray for my soul to find peace in just the finding and that one day harmony can be for all.. And that it can release the intention to reveal itself to this other human. It can be extremely painful to contain the soul determination while keeping what is best for all at heart. Love is asking nothing but a space to reveal itself.

Lisa A. blackman said...

I am praying for you and everyone. my love, Lisa

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Sacred Places

There is this place deep within my heart just for you.

You can access it anytime you close your eyes and breathe your spirit into mine.

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And you sing and dance with me, and you breathe yourself into ecstasy.

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All the doors in this Sacred Place will open as you step up to the plate.

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Only love will make us expand.

Only love will open the heart and heal the soul.

Only love will get us through the darkness.

Only love creates the light.

Only love can generate the heat of the night.

Only love is real, the rest is just the past that needs to be healed.

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Only love can make everything alright.

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SPIRIT LIFE, Ecstatic Poetry and Healing Prayers, A Collection of Inspirational Writings